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"In the Circle: Understanding your child’s social-emotional development and supporting his/her behaviors" // Organization: Parent Organization Network

The project will focus on building relationships with families with children ages 0-5 that live within NEV boundaries by addressing immediate needs and helping parents understand their children’s socio-emotional development to support their behavior. Project carried out in 3 phases. July-Sept.: Understanding the community and families’ needs and concerns regarding their young children’s development. September: Program preparedness, review and finalize program with partners. Oct 21-May 22: Two 2 hours virtual meetings will take place each month during Oct-May. An additional session will be to learn about preschool options in the area and ESL program options at your school.


"Workshop series: Raising an emotionally healthy child and reducing parental stress" // Organization: Strength United

Café y Conversación project will be a series of 6-8 workshops for parents that will provide them with tools and resources to manage their own mental health and better help their children. Workshops may include topics such as: Healthy Relationships, Bullying, keeping children safe, child abuse vs. discipline, parenting- when no means no, raising emotionally healthy children, children and social media, and self-care strategies/stress management.


"Las Palmas Park Learning Center Upgrade" // Organization: City of San Fernando

The City’s goal is to provide an after-school Homework Lab with tutors, provide a free educational and recreational program for kids that are Pre-K age, and have a space for various workshops for the community at large. The “Early Childhood Educational Recreational Program'' will be a free 12-week program with pre-k teachers for children. The after-school HomeWork Lab is a program that can run on weekdays between 3:30 and 6:30 during the weekdays. It will be a quiet place where kids of all ages can go read, do their homework, and have City staff provide supervision and tutoring. The new equipment will help all new programming as well as their current programming: Teens for a Better Community (FAFSA Help), Medical/Medicare workshops, Wellness Wednesdays (mental health workshops). Workshops would be open to all in the community, with the Teens workshops listed for only high school students.


"The GR818ERS x UNITE" // Organization: AWOKE

The project will center activities in NEV- Will provide artistic and athletic workshops, produce creative community events, and connect community members through cultural expression. The project will be using creative elements of Hip Hop culture. Activities include the production of a large-scale mural and a series of 10 cultural arts activities. Community murals at Broadous Elementary School. All community members of all ages will be able to participate in painting the murals.


"Somos Familia Valle Grassroots Power Fund" // Organization: Somos Familia Valle

This Project will support organizational programs and strengthen community members within mental health and well-being- specifically for young adults and LGBTQ+ youth. Awareness to impact of LGBTQ+ people face in the mental health field. Support current programs: Womxn of Color Support group, Men of Color Support Group and LGBT+ Youth Council.


"Flor y Canto" // Organization: Tia Chucha’s Centro Cultural

The Flor y Canto program will provide a series of cultural art workshops for youth, adults, and families over the course of a year. The classes will happen at Tia Chucha’s and or partnering community center. Hosting in person or virtually- between 100-200 participants from July 2021-June 2022. Workshops include Mexica Danza, Visual Arts, Music, Culinar, Yoga, Reading and Writing.


"Pacoima Charter Wellness Center Project" // Organization: Pacoima Charter Elementary

The Project will create wellness programs in person as well as virtually. Workshops for parents and students to help them develop healthy coping, family self-care activities, and restorative justice circles. The project will implement a school-wide curriculum on social-emotional learning, bullying prevention, and child safety using Second Step Curriculum. The focus will be to support workshops that help manage stress for children and parents by creating a wellness center. Our Wellness Center will be open to Pacoima Charter and Vaughn Next Century Learning Center stakeholders.


"Empower True Education" // Organization: Plaza Comunitaria Sinaloa

This project will offer several classes for up to 40 participants for each course in person within LA County Public health guidelines. The program will offer the following: Basic Computer Skills Courses, English as a Second language (ESL) Courses, Mental Health Courses.


"Parents as the First Teachers/ Padres Como Primer Maestros" // Organization: Pasadena/Altadena Coalition of Transformative Leaders

The Parents as First Teachers will be a series of Mental Health Workshops focusing on: stress management for children/adults, the impact of the pandemic on children/families, how to identify anxiety and depression, and Suicide prevention. There will also be Family Life Education- Parent as Teachers program focusing on 0-5 including home visitation. Topics include: Emotional Support, Child Development, Non-violent Parenting, What is bullying, Study and motivation techniques, Know your rights, Emotional support, Self-care & healthy eating habit, Early Learning-Being School Ready. The third type of Workshops will focus on Developmental areas of physical health & well-being, emotional maturity, language and cognitive ability, social competence, and general knowledge and communication.


"Versa-Style's Bailando Unidos: Dancing United" // Organization: Versa-Style Dance Company

The Community/Family event focused on families with children 12 and under. 3 times in the grant year. Promoted as an all-day Hip Hop and street dance cultural event. Will provide a hot meal to every family in attendance. Cultural events will host 10-20 families per event, depending on family size and COVID regulations at that time. Events will be 4-6 hours, with three 45-60 minute classes, a short break in between each class, and 1-2 hours after classes for music, eating and community building. Families will be able to participate as dance students along with their children, or there will be a seating area for parents to watch their children participate in the classes.


"Vagando Towards Empowerment" // Organization: Her Vaga Bound Roots

The Vagando Towards Empowerment porject will be a series of workshops that promote post-secondary education preparedness and retention as well as mental health awareness. The proposed project is to service 250 low-income individuals and parents in North East San Fernando Valley. Will also include 21 merit-based scholarships ranging from $3,000-$5,000. These scholarships will go to women of color who live in the North East San Fernando Valley ($28,000 in total).