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Knapsack Voting

In a Knapsack Vote, a budget cap is set for the ballot. Voters choose any number of projects, keeping the total cost of their chosen projects at or below the budget cap. After all votes are cast, winning projects are chosen in order according to the total number of votes they received, until the budget cap is reached.


  1. Select the projects you would like to support. The total cost cannot exceed $301,000.
  2. You can see the total amount you have allocated so far in the bar above. You can remove any previously selected projects by clicking on the bar or directly by clicking on the chosen project.
  3. Click the "Submit My Vote" button when you're ready to submit.

Note: These projects are arranged in a random order.

Cemetery Pond: Acquisition – Critical Green Infrastructure

Acquisition of parcels inside the wetland buffer area of Cemetery Pond.

Estimated Cost: $50,000


Revive our Basketball Court at Maplewood Park

Project will upgrade the existing basketball court at Maplewood Park.

Estimated Cost: $100,000


Home Repair Fund

Provide emergency home repair loans to low-income/and or underserved households in unincorporated areas of East Renton. (Note: grants or loans should follow DCHS existing policies and program requirements).

Estimated Cost: $100,000


Community LCD Reader Board – Help spread community news!

Install a community LCD reader board, on property of King County Water District 90 located at 156th Ave SE and SE 128th Street.

Estimated Cost: $40,000


Cemetery Pond and Wetland: Upgrade Public Access and Amenities

Upgrade public access and amenities.

Estimated Cost: $35,000