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Tools to grow internal and external equity

Equitable outreach partnerships

This project will focus on ensuring that diverse and underrepresented people have access to participate in community-led decision-making and PB events. This project would fund 5 (five) - $1000 outreach stipends that organizations can apply to use for on the ground outreach to engage underrepresented community members. It would offer an outreach budget for key advocacy events to outreach to traditionally excluded communities. Examples of how funds might be spent on engaging audiences include offering child care or transportation stipends. Organizers engaging community members, underrepresented community members, and PBP staff would be involved in this project.

Estimated Cost: $5,000


Language Access for PB Materials: ASL and Espanol

In light of PBP's learning with Pro Bono ASL and the ongoing demand for PB materials in Spanish, there remains a need to focus on language accessibility. This project would fund ASL interpretation and Spanish captioning for two pieces of PBP educational content. Funds would be spent hiring an ASL interpreter or consultant and a Spanish translator. PBP staff and some partners would be involved in the project. A spectrum of PBP's community would benefit from PBP becoming an organization that is more accessible, including Staff, Board, Partners, and the communities that engage and participate in PBP's programmatic work. This project combines two language access ideas that were similar for maximum impact.

Estimated Cost: $5,000


Building PBP’s language justice capacity and action plan

As PBP commits to building tools for racial equity and justice, holding space to learn, grow and develop the team is important. This project would advance this commitment by developing PBP into an organization that is able to meet language access needs to better advocate for and implement community-led decision making that is accessible and equitable. Funds would be used to hire a consultant to work with the PBP team to create an organizational language justice plan. A spectrum of PBP’s community would benefit from PBP becoming an organization that is better educated and oriented to action on language justice, including Staff, Board, Partners, and the communities that engage and participate in PBPs programmatic work.

Estimated Cost: $10,000


Platforms, art and engagement

Art, visions, and participatory budgeting to change the world

Building on PBP's storytelling efforts, this project would fund story-based art that shares community members' visions of how participatory democracy can change the world. Building off of stories collected from partners in the field and existing story-collection efforts like this one, this project would pay 2 to 3 artists to creatively interpret personal visions of what is possible with PB. Funds would be used to pay artist stipends and fund production costs. This project would benefit the PBP community, the Democracy Beyond Elections coalition partners and engage broad and new audiences in visioning toward a just future.

Estimated Cost: $5,000


Make PBP tiktok-able and digestible

In 2022, PBP plans to create a participatory budgeting explainer video. This project would amplify this video and reach new audiences by composing about 2 minutes of animated content that can be broken down into short segments. Funds would be used to engage a consultant to produce high-quality content that explains PB and how PB can be used to focus on equity. This project would broaden PBP’s reach by creating content for new platforms and media.

Estimated Cost: $10,000



Cross-movement Check-in

Building on PBP’s commitment to building capacity for participatory justice, this project would include a 3-5 part public conversation series over the course of 6 months that would be designed for BIPOC movement leaders and would offer a powerful way for leaders to exchange learnings, explore topics and understand the participatory spirit of movements. Funds would be used to compensate leaders for their time and contributions for their participation in the series, to cover production costs (such as interpretation), and to provide outreach and media support.

Estimated Cost: $10,000