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Saratoga Springs Participatory Budget logoWelcome to Saratoga Springs 2023 Participatory Budget Voting!  

Saratoga Springs is joining the ranks of cities around the United States in establishing participatory budgeting as a way to enable residents to more directly engage in determining how our money is spent.  This is the second participatory budgeting cycle for our city and we are excited to have the opportunity to enable residents of Saratoga Springs to cast your vote for the projects submitted by city residents and organizations.  

Each project was submitted by a resident or organization working in Saratoga Springs, and evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Do not exceed the annual “up to” amount allocated.
  • Is a one-time expenditure that can be completed with funds from this year's PB process.
  • Can be implemented by the City of Saratoga Springs, legally and on public property.
  • Benefit the public. Projects that only benefit private individuals or groups are not eligible.

By casting your ballot to rank our five projects, you will be deciding how you want to allocate a small portion of the city's 2023 budget.  After your votes have been tallied, the projects will be reviewed and approved by Commissioner Sanghvi and presented to the City Council for final approval and distribution of funds.  Projects will be implemented in 2024 consistent with current Saratoga Springs city laws and regulations.

Voting instructions: 

  • To receive a code to access the ballot, submit your phone number to receive a text code, or request a code. 
  • Voting is limited to Saratoga Springs residents 18 years and older.   You will be asked to validate your residence and age.
  • Rank the projects in order of preference - most favorite first!

If you have any questions, please contact Samantha Clemmey at

Voting Dates: Tuesday, December 5 - Tuesday, December 12

Join us on Tuesday, December 5 at the Saratoga Springs City Council meeting to learn more about the projects and the voting process.

Participatory Budgeting is a democratic process that brings community members directly into the decision making of how to spend a portion of our public budget.  Participatory Budgeting enables the community to bring their ideas for improving our city into reality.