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Street Resurfacing

Street/Alley Resurfacing and Sidewalk Repairs

What percentage of the total budget should go toward street/alley resurfacing and sidewalk repairs?

The average cost for the first five blocks of resurfaced streets is $38,000 per block. Due to federal requirements for accessibility ramps, the average cost for any street resurfaced after the first five blocks is $66,500 per block. The average estimated cost for the first alley resurfaced is $29,500. The estimated cost for subsequent alleys is $47,500. The estimated cost for a new alley apron (the area located at the mouth of the alley, between the sidewalk and the street) is estimated at $10,000. The average cost to replace a block of sidewalks is $75,000. (Note: The costs given are at 2014 rates - rates for 2015 are not yet available.)

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Improve Pedestrian Crossing at Clark and Chase

Install curb cuts, accessible ramps, a crosswalk and signage at the north side of Chase crossing Clark making travel between the Chicago Math and Science Academy and Touhy Park safer for pedestrians.

Estimated Cost: $20,000

Location: 1781-1799 W Chase Ave, Chicago


Add 17 Artistic Street Signs Along Clark Street

Install 17 total artistic street signs on Clark Street from Howard to Albion, one on every other block. These signs will beautify Clark Street, spur economic development, and celebrate ethnic diversity.

Estimated Cost: $102,000

Location: Clark Street, Chicago


Kayak Storage Facility at Leone Beach Park

Install a free-standing storage structure for 50-80 kayaks at Leone Beach Park.

Estimated Cost: $150,000

Location: Leone Beach Park, Chicago


Art = Rogers Park - New Artistic Underpass Murals

Only a few unpainted underpasses remain in Rogers Park. This project would paint five murals on the following viaducts: Metra viaduct at Lunt (north and south walls); CTA viaduct at Albion (north and south walls); and the CTA viaduct at North Shore (south wall only).

Estimated Cost: $30,000

Location: Rogers Park, Chicago


#Take a Seat - New Bus Benches

Install 6 new bus stop benches at Clark & Rogers (both sides), Clark & Birchwood, Howard & Sheridan, Rogers & Greenview, and Ashland & Morse.

Estimated Cost: $14,700

Location: Chicago


Keep Our Kids Safe and Healthy - Improvements to Three Parks

Install a new drinking fountain in the hallway of the Pottawattomie Park Fieldhouse, as the only “public” drinking fountain is in the men’s washroom. Also, install gates at Goldberg and Washington playlots, to keep kids safely in the play area, and add an outdoor drinking fountain to Goldberg Playlot.

Estimated Cost: $140,000

Location: Chicago


Rogers Park Mosaic on Two Exterior Walls of New Field Elementary School

Create a bricolage mural (a fusion of mosaic, sculpture, painting, and photo transfer) on two walls at New Field Elementary School. Mosaic will be created by youth and community members of the 49th Ward.

Estimated Cost: $47,000

Location: New Field Elementary School, Chicago


More Trees for Rogers Park

Plant one hundred new trees across the Ward to replace lost trees and increase the green canopy.

Estimated Cost: $68,000

Location: Rogers Park, Chicago


Mini Astroturf Soccer Field at Mary Margaret Langdon Park

Replace an old, unused basketball court with a space for kids to practice soccer.

Estimated Cost: $100,000

Location: Mary Margaret Langdon Park, Chicago