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  1. Choose the projects you want to support by clicking on the 'Select' buttons.
  2. You can vote for up to 4 projects and 1 vote for the street resurfacing project.
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Street Resurfacing

Street Resurfacing

What percentage of the total budget should go toward street resurfacing?

Resurfacing is necessary to address streets that have deteriorated, are safety hazards and are generally in poor condition. Residents, businesses and visitors to the 22nd Ward will benefit from improved safety when driving.

Menu money is the only available funding for residential street resurfacing in Chicago’s wards. Thanks to a federal subsidy, the cost for the first five blocks of resurfaced streets is $38,000 per block. The average cost for each street resurfaced in addition to the initial five is $66,500.

Streets in Poor Condition:

  • 2400 South Kildare Avenue
  • 2300 South Springfield Avenue
  • 2600 South Avers Avenue
  • 2600 South Hamlin Avenue
  • 2200 South Trumbull Avenue
  • 3000 South Trumbull Avenue
  • 4000 (Pulaski - Kedvale) West 25th Street
  • 4150 (Kedvale - Keeler) West 25th Place
  • 4200 (Keeler - Kildare) West 25th Place
  • 4300 (Kildare - Kolin) West 25th Place
  • 4332 (Kolin - Kostner) West 27th Street
  • 4300 (Kildare - Kolin) West 27th Street
  • 3636 (Millard - Lawndale) West 28th Street
  • 3432 (Trumbull - Saint Louis) West 30th Street
  • 3500 (St. Louis - Drake) West 30th Street
  • 3532 (Drake - Central Park) West 30th Street
  • 5000 South Leamington Avenue
  • 5000 South LaPorte Avenue
  • 5132 (Leamington - Laramie) West 51st Street
  • 2750 South Kenneth Avenue

Location: Chicago

Please select one of the options below:
Percentage of the budget spent Cost Approximate # of blocks resurfaced
100% $1,000,000 17
90% $900,000 15
80% $800,000 14
70% $700,000 12
60% $600,000 11
50% $500,000 9
40% $400,000 8
30% $300,000 6
20% $200,000 5
10% $100,000 2
0% $0 0


Improvement of Community Spaces

Residents of the 22nd Ward have made clear that safe space for community building and recreation is a high priority. Here is a plan to improve and develop a community spaces across the ward:

  • Infrastructure for the Lawndale Triangle Gardening Pocket Park on Ogden and Kildare
  • Installation of a Spray Feature at LeClaire Park
  • Lighting Improvements for Schools, Parks and Gardens in Little Village
  • Installation of Pedestrian Crossing Signs at Vittum Park/Edwards School Annex

Estimated Cost: $157,150

Location: Chicago


From Boundaries to Bridges: Illuminating 22 Ward Viaducts

This lighting improvement will showcase the upcoming mural at the Central Park viaduct scheduled to be installed this summer and bring light to other high traffic viaducts where pedestrian safety is a concern. Viaduct lighting upgrades consist of removing old fixtures and installing new energy efficient, white light fixtures. New electrical infrastructure will be installed as needed. The average cost is $1,500 per fixture.

Estimated Cost: $30,000

Location: Chicago


Urgent Sidewalk Repairs in Residential and Green Space Areas

Sidewalks in poor condition are dangerous and hazardous for pedestrians and those using wheelchairs, strollers, canes and walkers. This proposal will improve sidewalk conditions in residential areas. It will also improve accessibility to a new community garden and beautify the surroundings. CDOT will only repair sections of sidewalk that are deteriorated. Each block costs an average of $75,000 or less to repair, depending on condition.

Estimated Cost: $240,000

Location: Chicago


Residential and School Zone Speed Hump Installation

Speed humps create a safer environment by helping slow traffic on streets that students and families cross frequently. When a car hits a pedestrian at a high rate of speed, the collision is more likely to result in a pedestrian fatality. Speed humps slow vehicles and give drivers increased response time and distance for stopping. This makes streets safer for pedestrians. Installation of speed humps costs $3,700 per block.

Estimated Cost: $66,600

Location: Chicago


Alley Apron Repair

Alley aprons are located at the ends of alleys and serve two main purposes. They create a smooth and safe point of entry into alleys for vehicles. They also create a safe and passable surface for pedestrians to walk in locations where alley entrances interrupt the natural flow of the sidewalk. Alley aprons with holes, cracks, missing sections or uneven pavement are hazardous for pedestrians and vehicles. They will be replaced with new concrete alley aprons. Each alley apron costs an average of $10,000 to replace.

Estimated Cost: $150,000

Location: Chicago


Lighting Improvements

Updates to existing light poles will improve nighttime visibility, safety, and pedestrian comfort. These improvements include increasing wattage, repainting light poles, and/or installing spotlights at the following locations:

  • Lawler from 45th to 46th, and 46th from Laramie to Lamon
  • Ogden from Keeler to Kostner
  • 33rd from Karlov to Keeler

Estimated Cost: $27,800

Location: Chicago