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Street Resurfacing

. Street Resurfacing ($1,000,000)

What percentage of the total budget should go toward street resurfacing?

Resurfacing is necessary to address streets that have deteriorated, are safety hazards and are generally in poor condition. Residents, businesses and visitors to the 29th Ward will benefit from improved safety when traveling in the ward.

Menu money is the only available funding for residential street resurfacing in Chicago’s Wards.

Thanks to a federal subsidy, the cost for the first five blocks of resurfaced streets is $43,500 per block. The average cost for each street resurfaced in addition to the initial five is $72,000 per block.

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A. Neighborhood Identifiers ($168,000)

To welcome those traveling on North Avenue to the Galewood neighborhood, install decorative permanent metal identifiers on existing light poles at street corners.

Estimated Cost: $168,000

Location: North Avenue (Chicago side) from Austin to Rutherford


B. Public Art at Sayre Language Academy ($25,000)

Create a mosaic/bricolage on an exterior wall facing the public way. The design and initial installation will be by students engaged with teaching artists from a Public Art organization.

Estimated Cost: $25,000

Location: Sayre Language Academy


C. Street Safety: Speed Bumps and 4-Way Stop Signs ($30,000)

The installation of speed bumps and 4 way stops can help improve street safety in our community. Both can help reduce the traffic and number of accidents in residential streets and busy intersections.

Estimated Cost: $30,000


D. Community Gardens ($20,000)

Community gardens benefit communities by: providing fresh fruits and vegetables; provide an opportunity to engage in physical activity, skill building, and creating green space; beautify vacant lots.

Estimated Cost: $20,000

Location: Austin Green Team, Harambee Garden, Columbus Park


E. Austin Town Hall Fitness Course ($60,000)

An outdoor fitness course offers park visitors an opportunity for outdoor workouts with equipment to facilitate a variety of exercises.

Estimated Cost: $60,000

Location: 5610 W. Lake St.


F. Mural/Mosaic in Columbus Park ($60,000)

Create a mural/mosaic on an exterior wall facing the public way. The design and initial installation will be by Community youth engaged with an artist in residency who has been commissioned by the city of Chicago.

Estimated Cost: $60,000

Location: Columbus Park


G. Bike Lanes ($150,000)

Installation of bicycle lanes lead to reduced vehicular speeds and fewer conflicts between vehicles and bicyclists after installation of these lanes.

Estimated Cost: $150,000