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  1. Choose the projects you want to support by clicking on the 'Select' buttons.
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Street Resurfacing

Street Resurfacing

What percentage of the total budget should go toward street resurfacing?

Street resurfacing is $38,000 for the first five blocks and $66,500 for each additional block due to federal regulations.

Below is the prioritized list for 2015 street resurfacing, and curb, sidewalk, and street replacement in the 45th Ward. Please note that it is subject to Chicago Department of Transportation approval.

  • Waveland – Milwaukee to Lowell
  • Windsor – Lavergne to Leclaire
  • Warwick – Lavergne to Leclaire
  • Berwyn – Laramie to Latrobe
  • Lawndale – Grace to Parkside
  • Central Park – Elston to Irving Park
  • Natchez – Strong to Gunnison/alley
  • Berwyn – Mulligan to Nagle
  • Balmoral – Moody to Meade
  • Grace – Lawndale to Ridgeway
  • Strong – Laramie to Lockwood
  • Farragut – Luna to Loring
  • Patterson – Pulaski to Kedvale
  • Long – Wilson to Windsor
  • Leland – Long to Linder
  • Dakin – Leclaire to Laramie
  • Cullom – Lamon to Cicero
  • Eastwood – Major to Menard (north-side curbs)

Please select one of the options below:
Percentage of the budget spent Cost Approximate # of blocks resurfaced
0% $0 0
10% $100,000 2
20% $200,000 5
30% $300,000 6
40% $400,000 8
50% $500,000 9
60% $600,000 11
70% $700,000 12
80% $800,000 14
90% $900,000 15
100% $1,000,000 17


3 PeopleSpots in the 45th Ward

3 PeopleSpots to be installed for outdoor seating and bring pedestrian traffic to retail corridors of the 45 th Ward. These platforms can be moved and designed to fit the surrounding neighborhood and shopping area.

Estimated Cost: $30,000

Location: Milwaukee / Lawrence, Lawrence / Austin, Six Corners


Farnsworth Elementary ADA-Accessible Playground

Combined with CPS and other funds, this would create a safe, accessible playground for students and the surrounding community. The current playground, built in the 1990s, is very small, and the play surface is decayed.

Estimated Cost: $100,000

Location: Farnsworth School, 5414 N. Linder


Safer Crossing Of Cicero Avene (Stop playing Metra Frogger)

Installation of a pedestrian refuge island would allow a safer crossing of Cicero Avenue, the busiest street in the 45th Ward, for access to the Metra Mayfair Station Pensacola Entrance.

Estimated Cost: $60,000

Location: Cicero Av (4800 W) at Pensacola Av (4350 N)


Pulaski Avondale & Expressway Underpass Safety Improvements

This project will address pedestrian safety issues along Pulaski Avenue at the Kennedy Expressway and Avondale Ave. in an effort to improve lighting and increase safety for commuters and school age children.

Estimated Cost: $45,000

Location: Pulaski Avenue at Avondale and the Kennedy Expressway


Olive's Neighborhood Garden Expansion

To purchase wood, hardware, and the materials to build a shed that would hold all of the equipment for the garden.

Estimated Cost: $4,552

Location: Ainslie and Laramie


Disney II Magnet School - Kedvale Field Renovation and Resurfacing

The project will renovate and resurface the field to address longtime flooding problems and create an athletic field for use by all Disney II students, our High School athletes and community members.

Estimated Cost: $100,000

Location: 3815 N. Kedvale Ave.


Lavergne and Lawrence Pedestrian Refuge Island

The island would provide a safe crossing for children heading north to Beaubien School and south to the new playground at Thuis Park.

Estimated Cost: $60,000

Location: Lawrence at Lavergne


Standard Bicycle Lanes on Milwaukee Avenue

This Proposal calls for Standard Bicycle Lanes to be installed on Milwaukee Avenue between Lawrence and Addison. By creating a safer space for all users of the road, this project will enhance the available options of getting around the 45 th Ward.

Estimated Cost: $60,000

Location: Milwaukee Avenue between Lawrence and Addison


Pedestrian Bump-Outs

Curb bump-outs build shorter, safer crosswalks at these eight busy intersections, protecting residents and promoting a future for our streets as vibrant commercial and cultural corridors.

Estimated Cost: $88,000

Location: Central Avenue at Balmoral, Catalpa, Leland, and Giddings; Milwaukee Avenue at Cuyler, Warner, and Giddings; Lawrence Avenue at Lipps.