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  1. Welcome to the ballot for Greensboro Participatory Budgeting, courtesy of the Stanford Crowdsourced Democracy Team. You are about to vote on community projects to improve your district. Up to $100,000 of winning projects will be submitted to the City Manager's Office for consideration in the FY 2017-18 recommended budget that is voted on by City Council.
  2. The information provided will help you familiarize yourself with the project proposals in your district for 2017. You may choose up to 3 projects.
  3. Voting is open to all residents of Greensboro, ages 14 and up.

Improvements at Westbury Park

Replace existing benches and picnic table at Westbury Park Read more...

Estimated Cost: $10,000


Adult Exercise Equipment at Westbury Park

New Adult Exercise Equipment at Westbury Park for a cost up to $30,000 to include expenses for equipment and installation. City staff will work with residents on equipment types. Read more...

Estimated Cost: $30,000


Improvements to Children’s Play area at Westbury Park

Improvements to children’s playground at Westbury Park for a cost up to $10,000. Read more...

Estimated Cost: $10,000


New Playground Equipment at Apache Street Park

Replacement of twenty year old playground equipment at Apache Street Park. Read more...

Estimated Cost: $35,000


Bus Shelter in Glenwood Neighborhood

Install a bus shelter at existing bus stop at the corner of Glenwood Avenue & Grove Street. Read more...

Estimated Cost: $11,600


Accessible Swing in Maywood Park

Install a wheelchair accessible swing in Maywood Park. This park already has wheelchair accessibility. Read more...

Estimated Cost: $11,200


Safe Sidewalk Access on Van Wert Street

Continuation of sidewalk on Van Wert to create safe walking area for children on their way to Peck Elementary school.This project may take up to 3 years to complete. Read more...

Estimated Cost: $10,000


Improved Seating Area at Steelman Park

Add additional seating at Steelman Park to provide a place for residents to rest and connect. Read more...

Estimated Cost: $17,000