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  1. Welcome to the ballot for Greensboro Participatory Budgeting, courtesy of the Stanford Crowdsourced Democracy Team. You are about to vote on community projects to improve your district. Up to $100,000 of winning projects will be submitted to the City Manager's Office for consideration in the FY 2017-18 recommended budget that is voted on by City Council.
  2. The information provided will help you familiarize yourself with the project proposals in your district for 2017. You may choose up to 3 projects.
  3. Voting is open to all residents of Greensboro, ages 14 and up.

1. Outdoor Exercise Trail at Leonard Recreation Center ($49,040)

Create more fitness options at Leonard Recreation Center by adding adult exercise equipment along trail in park. Final design to be completed with public input once funds are allocated. Read more...

Estimated Cost: $49,040


2. Update Playground Equipment at Twin Lakes ($50,200)

Install several pieces of new playground equipment, resurface, & update Twin Lakes neighborhood park. Final design to be completed with input from the community. Read more...

Estimated Cost: $50,200


3. Update Fitness Trail at Hester Park ($68,800)

Provide more advanced outdoor exercise equipment that would allow residents to get a full workout while enjoying the park! Read more...

Estimated Cost: $68,800


4. Update Playground Equipment at Random Woods Park ($52,000)

Update playground equipment and replace existing broken basketball hoop at Random Woods Park. Read more...

Estimated Cost: $52,000


5. Turn Lane at Griffin Park ($5,500)

This project would provide a turn lane on Hilltop Road into Albert Drive into Griffin Recreation Center, which would allow traffic to flow more freely and make the intersection safer. Read more...

Estimated Cost: $5,500