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1. Sound and Projection System

The students and members of the community will be able to have shows and workshops in the auditorium, which will have new lighting, curtains, sound system and projector.

Estimated Cost: $525,000

Location: 143-10 Springfield Blvd. (Springfield Education Complex)



2. P.S. 251 Science Lab Upgrade

The current laboratory is outdated, which prevents the students from learning modern research methods.They will be exposed to up-to-date research technology that can be used for research projects.

Estimated Cost: $400,000

Location: 144-51 Arthur St. (Springfield Gardens)


3. Music Studio

I.S. 231 has a high population of low income families and students, which means they need added inspiration and motivation. Adding a music studio to their school will boost morale.

Estimated Cost: $300,000

Location: 145-00 Springfield Gardens (Springfield Gardens)


Parks and Recreation

4. Installation of Reading and Chess Area

Brookville Park and Springfield Gardens Park are requesting reading gardens to facilitate the opportunity for visitors and residents of the local communities to sit, read and enjoy rounds of chess.

Estimated Cost: $400,000

Location: Springfield Gardens (Brookville, Springfield Gardens)


5. Park Entrance Signage

Brookville Park and Springfield Gardens Park need a more effective signage system to provide effective information and directions for people to find their way through the parks.

Estimated Cost: $350,000

Location: Both Parks (Brookville, Springfield Gardens)


6. Brookville Park Basketball Court

Brookville Park needs basketball court amenities to be updated for the safety and recreation of the local residents and athletic clubs that utilize the facilities.

Estimated Cost: $450,000

Location: Brookville Road (Brookville)


Public Safety

7. Francis Lewis Boulevard Greenway Median

The median will help to decrease speeding and drag racing of motorcycles and cars. It would also add to the beautification of the neighborhood as additional green space.

Estimated Cost: $315,000

Location: 130th Avenue and 121st Avenue (Springfield Gardens)