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Education and Technology

1. Electrical Upgrades for JHS 220 & PS 295

Rewiring for air conditioners in the classrooms and main offices.

Estimated Cost: $350,000

Location: 4812 9th Ave. & 330 18th St. (Sunset Park & Windsor Terrace)


2. P.S. 10 WiFi Wiring Project

Rewiring the Wifi Reception in P.S. 10 (4 floors) and K290 (1 floor) to fix reception problems.

Estimated Cost: $100,000

Location: 511 7th Ave. & 500 19th St. (Park Slope)


3. Technology for Schools

Improving access to technology for nine neighborhood schools that serve diverse communities: P.S.1, M.S. 88, P.S. 676, P.S. 105, P.S. 310, P.S. 69 and New Voices Middle School.

Estimated Cost: $965,000

Location: All across the district


4. ​P.S. 503/P.S. 506 Playground Lighting

Install proper lighting to illuminate the school yards on weekdays and weekends.

Estimated Cost: $400,000

Location: 330 59th St. (Sunset Park)


5. Expansion of Exit Doors at P.S. 169

The door expansion on the 44th Street and 7th Avenue entrance will improve safety as students enter and leave the school and improve efficiency in a school with over 1,600 students.

Estimated Cost: $75,000

Location: 44th Street and 7th Avenue (Sunset Park)


Housing and Community Development

6. Red Hook WiFi

Installing 50 WiFi devices on the rooftops of Red Hook houses in order to increase the coverage of free Internet service to public houses in Red Hook.

Estimated Cost: $200,000

Location: NYCHA Developments (Red Hook)


7. Red Hook Library Multimedia Room

Installing a smart board and projector, computers, surround sound speakers, and audio recording equipment in Red Hook Library, to provide more resources for better productivity.

Estimated Cost: $50,000

Location: 7 Wolcott St. (Red Hook)


Community Facilities

8. ​Bathroom Renovations

The full renovation of the early childhood bathrooms at P.S.15 and full renovations of all student and staff bathrooms at P.S. 94 to maintain hygiene of the schools.

Estimated Cost: $400,000

Location: 71 Sullivan St. & 5010 6th Ave (Red Hook and Sunset Park)


Parks and Recreation

9. New Trees w/ Tree Guards

Beautify blocks across the district by planting new trees with tree guards in front of homes, businesses and parks.

Estimated Cost: $260,000

Location: Across The District


10. Grounds and Play Area Upgrade

Create a safer environment for the toddlers and children through upgrades of equipment and surroundings at the playgrounds.

Estimated Cost: $500,000

Location: Between 466 & 450 Columbia St. (NYCHA)


11. Replace Fence in Sunset Park

4-foot high fence replacement in Sunset Park.

Estimated Cost: $500,000

Location: On 5th Ave. from 41 to 44 Sts (Sunset Park)


12. Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Install fitness equipment outside of the Sunset Recreational Center to promote fitness and appeal to people of all fitness levels.

Estimated Cost: $500,000

Location: Sunset Park


13. Butterfly Garden Improvements

Improve the conditions of the pavement of Butterfly Garden, and install seating areas for safe, educational use for both the students and the neighborhood.

Estimated Cost: $450,000

Location: 7th Avenue and 18th Street (Windsor Terrace)


14. Benches on Path at Sunset Park

Improvements to Sunset Park including repaving and new benches.

Estimated Cost: $500,000

Location: Sunset Park