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Our Libraries

1. Cool Reading

Upgrade the cooling system for the New York Public Library Webster branch.

Estimated Cost: $500,000

Location: 1465 York Avenue (Upper East Side)


2. Bright Minds

Replace and improve the exterior lighting on the New York Public Library East 67th Street branch.

Estimated Cost: $280,000

Location: 328 E. 67th Street (Upper East Side)


3. Study of Sight and Sound

Audio/Visual equipment with an audio induction loop for the New York Public Library Roosevelt Island branch.

Estimated Cost: $35,000

Location: 504 Main Street (Roosevelt Island)


Our Schools

4. Rooftop Recreation for P.S. 151

Create a necessary outdoor play space on the roof with the opportunity to add a greenhouse and Edible School Yard for P.S. 151.

Estimated Cost: $500,000

Location: 421 E. 88th Street (Upper East Side)


5. Green Roof for P.S./I.S. 217

Build a green roof for environmental education at P.S./I.S. 217.

Estimated Cost: $500,000

Location: 645 Main Street (Roosevelt Island)


6. School Stage for Eleanor Roosevelt High

Upgrade the stage, seating, floor, lighting, audio equipment, and an audio loop for the hard of hearing, to enable more performance uses and an orchestra at Eleanor Roosevelt H.S.

Estimated Cost: $500,000

Location: 411 E. 76th Street (Upper East Side)


7. School's Cool for P.S.198/P.S. 77

Air conditioning renovation for building-wide cooling in hot summer months at P.S.198/P.S.77.

Estimated Cost: $500,000

Location: 1700 Third Ave (Upper East Side)


8. STEM Education for High School

Laptop carts to provide Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) education for Title I High Schools serving low-income students at Vanguard and Life Sciences.

Estimated Cost: $280,000

Location: 317 E.67th St & 320 E.96th St (Upper East Side & El Barrio)


Our Community

9. Community Garden for Lexington Houses

New planters and gates so that residents can grow plants in a community garden with additional plantings throughout the grounds.

Estimated Cost: $385,000

Location: E98th to E99th & Park to Third (El Barrio)


10. Security Cameras for Holmes Towers

Add new security cameras for increased safety for residents of Holmes Towers.

Estimated Cost: $500,000

Location: E. 93rd Street and First Ave. (Upper East Side)


11. Security Cameras for Lexington Houses

Add new security cameras for increased safety for residents of Lexington Houses.

Estimated Cost: $500,000

Location: E98th to E99th & Park to Third (El Barrio)


Our Parks

12. Full Court Press

Renovate basketball courts at John Jay Park including new backboards, hoops and sports coating.

Estimated Cost: $400,000

Location: E.76th to E.78th Sts & FDR Dr. (Upper East Side)


13. Irrigate the Esplanade

Irrigation for the East River Esplanade to allow for increased access to water for trees and vegetation along walkway.

Estimated Cost: $300,000

Location: East River Esplanade (District wide)


14. Esplanade Greenway

Create and improve the tree beds along the East River Esplanade and complete construction of unfinished sites.

Estimated Cost: $200,000

Location: East River Esplanade (District wide)


15. Fun Fountain at St. Catherine's Park

Replace the fountain and spray shower with new plumbing, interactive spray heads and sports-coating for children to play on at St. Catherine's Park.

Estimated Cost: $200,000

Location: E.67th to E.68th & First Ave. (Upper East Side)


Our Streets

16. Bus Bulbs on E. 86th Street

Bus bulbs with streetscape improvements to support pedestrian safety and off-board payment on E. 86th Street at Lexington and Third Avenues.

Estimated Cost: $150,000

Location: E86th at 3rd and Lexington Ave (Upper East Side)