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Homeless Children and Youth Liaison Services

A term-limited expansion for school liaison services connecting youth experiencing homelessness to needed resources.

Estimated Cost: $70,400

Location: City-wide


Recording Studio Sessions for Youth

Youth will be able to use existing recording studios in the community with guidance from studio mentors.

Estimated Cost: $105,000

Location: City-wide


Ultimate Frisbee Camps

An opportunity for youth to get active and build social and leadership skills by participating in Ultimate Frisbee summer camps.

Estimated Cost: $31,800

Location: South, West Seattle


Social Justice Workshops

Workshops for young people that cover the fundamentals of understanding structural racism and skills for community organizing.

Estimated Cost: $71,200

Location: City-wide


Safe Routes to Schools

Improve crosswalks in areas near schools to create safer routes to school for students.

Estimated Cost: $145,000

Location: South, West Seattle


Youth Podcast on Violence Prevention and Media

A podcast written and produced by youth on how to make changes to the way violence is portrayed in media and how to decrease violence in Seattle.

Estimated Cost: $52,500

Location: City-wide


Youth Homeless Shelter Improvements

Physical improvements for a youth homeless shelter such as installing lockers, washers and dryers, and new paint.

Estimated Cost: $42,000

Location: Central, North Seattle


Youth Film Festival

Youth participate in film/media job training that culminates in a youth film festival.

Estimated Cost: $52,500

Location: South, West Seattle


Youth Cooking Classes

Teach youth cooking skills and provide a stipend. The food prepared during classes will be shared with the community.

Estimated Cost: $59,400

Location: South, West Seattle


Houses for People Experiencing Homelessness

Youth collaborate with carpenters to build 10 tiny homes for people experiencing homelessness.

Estimated Cost: $128,500

Location: City-wide


Wi-Fi Hotspot Checkout

A term-limited expansion of the Seattle Public Library’s checkout system to include more Wi-Fi hotspots, which increase internet access.

Estimated Cost: $165,000

Location: City-wide


Youth Green Corps

Expand the Youth Green Corps, which provides training for young adults through classroom experiences and outdoor forestry restoration.

Estimated Cost: $130,000

Location: City-wide


Murals Designed and Created by Youth

Art classes designed for at-risk youth, focusing on creating public murals.

Estimated Cost: $157,500

Location: City-wide


Park Bathroom Upgrades

Creating a map of public bathrooms in the city and implementing improvements at 1-2 bathrooms in parks in most need of repair.

Estimated Cost: $205,000

Location: South, West Seattle


Job Readiness Workshops for Homeless Youth

A term-limited expansion of existing services for youth experiencing homelessness focusing on job readiness.

Estimated Cost: $43,600

Location: City-wide


Life/Career Skills Counselors

A counselor at community centers will work with youth to build their life, career and emotional health skills over a 3-month period.

Estimated Cost: $45,200

Location: South, West Seattle


Computer Science Education for Formerly Incarcerated Youth

Computer science and coding classes for formerly incarcerated youth and young adults.

Estimated Cost: $61,000

Location: City-wide


Sustainable Livelihoods Food & Culture Festival

A food and culture festival featuring organizations focused on local food, youth engagement, and food waste reduction.

Estimated Cost: $57,800

Location: South, West Seattle


Youth Arts Ambassadors

Hiring and training youth from historically under-served communities to spread the word about affordable arts events for their peers.

Estimated Cost: $57,800

Location: City-wide