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19-103. 3A. CAPITOL HILL

Crossing Improvements on Bellevue Ave E & E Republican St and Bellevue Ave E & E Thomas St

Estimated Cost: $120,000


Image for 3A. CAPITOL HILL


Crossing Improvements on 17th Ave and E Pike St

Estimated Cost: $120,000



19-129. 3C. FIRST HILL

Crossing Improvements on the intersection of Union Street, Minor Ave, and Bellevue Ave

Estimated Cost: $90,000


Image for 3C. FIRST HILL

19-112. 3D. JUDKINS PARK *

Traffic Calming Improvements on 20th Ave S from S Lane St to S Judkins St

Estimated Cost: $114,500


Image for 3D. JUDKINS PARK *

19-77. 3E. LESCHI

Crossing Improvements on 30th and 31st Ave

Estimated Cost: $79,500


Image for 3E. LESCHI

19-131. 3F. LESCHI

Crossing Improvements on Lakeside Ave S. and S. Lane St

Estimated Cost: $7,500


Image for 3F. LESCHI

19-114. 3G. LESCHI

Traffic Calming Improvements on 31st and Terrace St

Estimated Cost: $27,500


Image for 3G. LESCHI

19-115. 3H. LITTLE SAIGON *

Crossing Improvements on Weller St S and 16th Ave S

Estimated Cost: $30,000


Image for 3H. LITTLE SAIGON *

19-118. 3I. MILLER PARK

Crossing Improvements on 19th Ave E and E Republican, 22nd Ave and E John, 22nd Ave E and E Madison

Estimated Cost: $120,000


Image for 3I. MILLER PARK

19-128. 3J. SQUIRE PARK

Crossing Improvements on across E Union St at 17th Ave

Estimated Cost: $89,100


Image for 3J. SQUIRE PARK