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Clean Up Cambridge

This project will upgrade existing trash barrels and recycling containers. This will keep the streets clean, prevent pests from being drawn to waste bins, and make it easier to properly dispose of different kinds of waste.

Estimated Cost: $125,000

Location: Replacing existing open bins throughout Cambridge


Rain Gardens for Resiliency

Green infrastructure has never looked so good! Bioswales are engineered gardens with special soil and plants to filter and absorb stormwater. They are a cost-effective, beautiful way to keep our water clean and protect our city from floods.

Estimated Cost: $150,000

Location: Huron @ Cushing, Chestnut Street, Webster Avenue


Soak Up the Solar Power

Free, clean, renewable energy! Let’s add solar panels to the Russell Youth Center to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save money on energy.

Estimated Cost: $250,000

Location: Russell Youth Center


Thirst-mobile: Water truck with free, cold water

Have you ever been desperately thirsty at a community event? This water truck provides free, cold water at community events throughout Cambridge! The water truck would reduce the number of plastic water bottles clogging our trash cans.

Estimated Cost: $75,000

Location: At a community festival near you!


Trees, please!

Let’s plant 100 trees around Cambridge to combat heat, provide shade cover, and reduce carbon emissions all while contributing to a healthier, happier Cambridge.

Estimated Cost: $200,000

Location: Heat islands around Cambridge, see description


Community Resources

Technology for the Community Learning Center

Support students and teachers in an English as a Second Language class at a Community Learning Center (CLC) satellite location by purchasing Chrome Books laptops, a projector, and a portable screen to enhance their learning experience. This class has been funded to be held at least for the next 4 years.

Estimated Cost: $20,000

Location: CLC – Satellite Classes


Water Fountains in Every Park

Install new water fountain/bottle-fillers at up to 9 parks that lack drinking water fixtures. If this initiative wins, funding will be complete for water fountain installation in most of the City owned parks.

Estimated Cost: $90,000

Location: Nine Cambridge City Parks


Upgrades at the Central Square Library

Update the interior of the Central Square Library. The upgrade will include new furniture that is more modern and comfortable, a new technology table that allows for easy laptop hook-up, and scanners, printers, and other technology.

Estimated Cost: $100,000

Location: Central Square Library


Artwork Celebrating Same-Sex Marriage Rights

Create an art installation celebrating Cambridge as the first City in the United States to issue same-sex marriage licenses. The planning and design process will include local artists, LGBTQ+ groups and advocates, and the general public.

Estimated Cost: $75,000

Location: To be determined with community input


Facilities, Parks & Recreation

Let’s Rest: Picnic Tables & Benches for Our Parks

Benches and picnic tables bring our community together. Installing new benches and picnic tables in up to 10 of our Cambridge parks will allow people of all ages and abilities to enjoy them for resting, talking, reading, people watching and being outdoors.

Estimated Cost: $120,000

Location: Up to 10 parks throughout Cambridge


Swinging in the City

Install six to eight porch swings in public squares and parks around Cambridge for residents of all ages to have fun and enjoy the experience of being a kid again!

Estimated Cost: $120,000

Location: Parks and Open Spaces


Let Us Remember: Cambridge Memorial Peace Garden

The Peace Garden will honor the lives of residents who fall victim to violence. It will offer a serene space for all to find refuge in the face of tragic loss, and will serve as a gathering place for community healing and connection.

Estimated Cost: $400,000

Location: A centrally accessible park in Cambridge


Connecting Face 2 Face: Video Conferencing for all

Our public libraries have conference rooms actively used by many Cambridge groups. We can expand their use by adding video conferencing to improve the accessibility of meetings, trainings, interviews, and other conversations.

Estimated Cost: $50,000

Location: Main Library, Rossi, and Rindge Rooms


Protect the Health and Safety of our Firefighters

This proposal will purchase and install six gear drying units to shorten wait time for clean gear ($51,000), and 11 sets of wireless headsets to protect hearing and improve communication ($55,000). Let’s protect those who protect us.

Estimated Cost: $110,000

Location: Fire Houses in Cambridge


Fit, Fun, and Free: Outdoor Gyms for All

For those who wish to use gym equipment while breathing fresh air, these fitness facilities offer two outdoor gyms as alternatives to paid indoor gyms, and make working out accessible to people of all ages and abilities.

Estimated Cost: $125,000

Location: Danehy Park & near CRLS Tennis Courts



What’s Your Speed?

Remind drivers to slow down by deploying live speed displays on Cambridge’s busiest streets.

Estimated Cost: $75,000

Location: Throughout Cambridge


Charging into the Future

Let us help Cambridge drive and ride into the future with new publicly accessible electric car, bike, and scooter charging stations. Pole-mounted stations make on-street charging a reality, benefiting those who do not have dedicated driveways.

Estimated Cost: $100,000

Location: Cambridge Municipal Lots and Utility Poles


Light it Up

Reduce traffic fatalities by placing more Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons (RRFBs) at Cambridge’s busiest intersections.

Estimated Cost: $130,000

Location: Throughout Cambridge


Give me Shelter!

Provide a secure and dry option for cyclists at the Cambridge Main Library by building a year-round covered bike shelter.

Estimated Cost: $100,000

Location: The Cambridge Main Library


Smoother Cycling

Improve safety, comfort, and usability of existing bicycle infrastructure by funding a series of bicycle lane repaving projects.

Estimated Cost: $250,000

Location: Throughout Cambridge