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The People's Budget Seattle

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Welcome to the digital ballot for the People's Budget Seattle! 

The Seattle community has a long legacy of advocating to get our needs met. During the Vote phase, community members can choose their top four choices for how to spend $27 million to improve their communities. Proposals on the ballot have been developed from ideas submitted by the community across five focus areas:

  1. Housing & Physical Spaces: Housing diversity and the need for more Black-led residential and Black-led commercial spaces came up often in community research.
  2. Youth & Children: Childcare and out-of-school time supports were big priorities for several teams, particularly for children facing systemic violence and trauma.
  3. Crises & Wellness: There's strong support for alternatives to the currently harmful 911 and crisis response system-- staffed by trained and skilled community members w/lived experiences.
  4. Economic Development: The urgent need for economic relief to address the the triple crises of COVID-19, economic recession, and systemic racism.
  5. Mental Health: New culturally responsive and caring mental health networks led by people with lived experience are needed. A new, equitable payment structure is required to ensure people receive proper care by appropriate healers.

Anyone 15 years old and older that lives, works, or plays in the City of Seattle is eligible to vote in this process.

All proposals have been developed by community members (Budget Delegates) with the support, feedback and oversight of City of Seattle department staffAll proposals are set and designed as one-time funding.
Contractor solicitation (where applicable - as when the City cannot directly implement the project) and implementation processes must ensure compliance with all applicable City, state, and federal laws and regulations. 
Any changes made during contractor solicitation or project implementation undertaken to maintain legal compliance will be made in as close alignment with the spirit and details of the proposal as is feasible and allowable.